Bilateral exchange gains real relevance – Angolan president

Porto – Angolan head of State JoAPound o Lourenco said Friday he was convinced that the Portuguese and Angolan vision on the exchange between the two countries will gain “real expression” in the talks bringing together the two delegations.

Delivering his speech at the Oporto City Council on Friday, JoAPound o Lourenco defended deepened ongoing economic cooperation between Angola and Portugal.

In his address, the Angolan Head of State highlighted the “heroic history” of Porto, known as the city of work, adding that there are also cities with the same profile in Angola.

As for the keys of Oporto city delivered to him Friday, the president considered it a source of pride for himself and the Angolans.

He said that the move represents a great symbolism in the context of the relations between Angola and Portugal.

The Statesman said that the visit to Portugal opens the door to a promising future of cooperation and exchange in all sectors that can contribute to the deepening of bilateral relations.

After the ceremony, JoAPound o Lourenco, accompanied by the Portuguese Premier, Antonio Costa, signed the Book of Honour in D. Maria Hall.

He travelled afterward to the Palacio da Bolsa for a meeting between members of the Portuguese and Angolan governments, as well as signing agreements.

Still, the President attended the closing session of the Angola-Portugal Business Seminar, at the Customs of Oporto.

Source: Angola Press News Agency