BP Angola spends USD 1.2 million on mine clearance

Luanda – BP Angola will invest about USD 1.2 million in “100 women in demining” project of HALO Trust in the coming days, in order to develop humanitarian actions in Angola’s rural areas.

The funding will be earmarked for demining of land equivalent to 40 football fields, in view of the Angolan Government goal to eliminate the impact of mines by 2025.

HALO Trust has cleared over 850 minefields and removed 95,000 landmines in Angola since 1994.

Despite this effort, there are still more than 1,000 unknown minefields.

BP Angola has spent over USD 100 million on local communities and social initiatives in the last 15 years.

This initiative will also assist two teams of women recruited from communities directly affected by mines in Benguela province, as well as assist women with work prospects typically limited in gaining financial independence.

The action will also provide opportunities for women to learn various skills in logistics, fleet support, information technology and financial management.

BP Angola’s regional chairperson, Stephen Willis, said that the funding programme will enable safe demining of sites that pose a danger to communities, allowing the fields to be used productively.

In turn, HALO Trust Executive Director James Cowan considered crucial the support for HALO Trust’s commitment to achieve greater gender equality in demining everywhere.

Source: Angola Press News Agency