Budget debates: Finance Minister responds to MPs’ interventions on behalf of PM

Finance Minister Sihem Boughdiri has stressed that the committees in charge of auditing the recruitment of civil servants are currently carrying out their duties, adding that it is too early to measure the results.

Boughdiri was responding on behalf of Prime Minister Ahmed Hachani to MPs’ speeches during the general debate on the draft state budget and the draft finance law for 2024 on Saturday.

She pointed out that the Prime Minister has signed 26 mission orders to audit the recruitment of civil servants, adding that he regularly monitors the work of committees tasked with cleaning up the administration and public institutions.

The results of the audit should be commensurate with the work of these committees, she added.

In response to a question about the “Fidaa” Foundation, the Minister pointed out that this foundation is fully prepared to provide the necessary assistance to the families of martyrs of security and military institutions.

At the end of the morning’s plenary session, which was devoted to
the government’s replies to the MPs’ speeches, Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (ARP), Brahim Bouderbala, stressed the importance of these plenary sessions in promoting the legislative and oversight role of the elected representatives of the people.

The MPs reaffirmed their desire to work with the executive to meet the aspirations of Tunisians, he said.

Bouderbala also announced that, as of the next session, Parliament will review the budgets allocated to institutions and ministries as part of the 2024 state budget.

Source: Agence Tunis Afrique Presse