Businesspeople encouraged producing dried fish for export

Soyo – The call for the rehabilitation of fisheries support infrastructures and the production of dried fish for export was launched on Friday in Soyo, northern Zaire province, by the Minister of Fisheries and the Sea, Victoria de Barros Neto, to the owners of salting and dry of the country.

The minister said so when speaking at the opening ceremony of the first Broaden advisory council of Ministry, which is taking place Friday and Saturday, in this coastal locality of Zaire province, under the motto “Blue economy towards development”.

Victoria de Barros Neto asked private sector companies to resume the production of quality dry fish for domestic consumption and also for export, as it had been before and after national independence in 1975.

According to her, Angola’s dry fish is still very much sought after by many, especially neighboring countries such as the DRC, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville, historic markets for this product of Angolan origin.

He suggested that businessmen in the industry should establish mutually advantageous partnerships with fish-processing women so as to help them carry out the activity in better hygienic conditions which endanger public health.

He highlighted the growth of the private sector, particularly in the provinces of Namibe and Benguela, which focused heavily on new industries and the rehabilitation and modernization of other catch, freezing, processing, and berthing structures.

To her, these companies, in addition to contributing to the increase of fish production to feed the population, also contributed to the generation of more jobs in their respective areas of location.

Source: Angola Press News Agency