Cabinda launches oil platforms construction project

Cabinda The project to build oil platforms in the northern Cabinda Province, dubbed LIFUA A, was launched last Tuesday, in the industrial base of Algoa’s company, in Malembo commune, an act that was witnessed by the minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Diamantino de Azevedo.

The project aims to build platforms to support gas and oil exploration in the Takula Bloc 0 field, whichis being explored by the contractor groups Chevron, Sonangol and Eni.

The project is divided in three phases (LIFUA A, B and C).

The first phase that started last Tuesday includes the delivery of the first platform on the offshore Takula field, in the first quarter of the year 2021.

The minister of Petroleum and Natural Resources, Diamantino Azevedo, who witnessed the first steel cut of the Lifua A project, said that the infrastructure has an important significance in the oil industry of the Province of Cabinda.

“This enterprise serves as a clear example of the measures that the President of the Republic of Angola, JoAPound o Lourenco, has been taking in the oil sector, and this infrastructure demonstrates the sense of responsibility towards the country’s provinces due to the youth employment programme”, he said.

The governor of Cabinda, Marcos Alexandre Nhunga, said that the opening of this project in the province will respond to the youth appeal regarding job opportunities.

The project, assessed at about USD 60 million (LIFUA A, B and C), will provide at least 400 jobs.

The event was attended by CABGOC Chevron’s general director, Dereck Mark, and other officials from the National Oil and Gas Agency (ANPG), Algoa and other members of the association of Bloc 0.

The Takula field associated with Bloc 0 has 6 wells, four of which are for oil and gas production.

Lifua A, B and C will allow the production of new platforms with smaller dimensions, to facilitate water injection and oil exploration.

Source: Angola Press News Agency