CASA-CE coalition loses eight MPs

Luanda – Eight MPs of the CASA-CE coalition last Thursday announced that they decided to distance themselves from the organisation?s parliamentary bench.

The measure, announced at a press conference, happens in sequence of the dismissal of Abel Chivukuvuku as president of the coalition (which is co-ordinated by a presidential college).

The eight MPs are Leonel Gomes, Odeth Joaquim, Maria Chivukuvuku, Carlos Kandanda, Lindo Bernardo Tito, Abel Nzunzi, Sampaio Mucanda and Lourenco Lumingo.

The said MPs justified their decision by stating that there are attitudes within the organisation that have distorted the normal functioning of the coalition.

According to MP Leonel Gomes, the file and proceedings relating to this decision are already at the possession of the Speaker of the National Assembly (Angolan parliament).

He pointed out the non fulfilment of agreements made in the ambit of the formation and functioning of the coalition, such as the recent decision by the boards of five out of the six political parties that make up the Broad Convergence for Angola’s Salvation Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE) of removing Abel Chivukuvuku from the presidency and the expulsion of the independent members of the coalition, which displeased Mr Chivukuvuku.

Another dissatisfied CASA-CE MP, Lindo Bernardo Tito, said to journalists that this group of eight MPs will actually finish their five-year parliamentary mandates, reason why they cannot yet join another political force.

He also announced that the independents in CASA-CE are willing to get aligned with Abel Chivukuvuku.

Meanwhile, one of the vice presidents of the coalition and also its parliamentary whip, Andre Mendes de Carvalho “Miau”, was appointed this week as the new head of the organisation.

Speaking to ANGOP on the issue, Andre Mendes de Carvalho said that he saw no illegality in taking over the leadership of the coalition, adding that the coexistence between Abel Chivikuvuki and the leaders of the political parties that make up CASA-CE was no longer good.

The CASA-CE coalition was idealized and formed in 2012 by the former member of the opposition UNITA, Abel Chivukuvuku. It is made up of six parties and a group of independent politicians, among them the founder of the coalition himself.

Last year, the Constitutional Court deliberated that the independent members of the coalition could no longer be part of it, since the grouping (CASA-CE ) is supposed to be a coalition of political parties and not a set of individual politicians.

The leaders of the parties that make up the coalition had given Abel Chivukuvuku 72 hours to submit his resignation from the top position, to which the seasoned politician allegedly responded that he would join a (legalised) political party, without mentioning which one, to be able to possibly run for the presidency of the country as the candidate of that party.

Source: Angola Press News Agency