CASA-CE: New leader vows to restructure coalition

Luanda – The new leader of the opposition ConvergA�ncia Ampla de SalvacAPound o de Angola – Electoral Coalition (CASA- CE) Andre Mendes de Carvalho pledged to restructure the coalition, as one of the priorities of his policy.

The politician made the pledged when he was being sworn in as the president of CASA-CE, founded in 2012.

The leader of the third largest opposition party, behind the ruling MPLA and UNITA, also set the participation of coalition in the 2020 elections, as priority.

Andre Mendes de Carvalho, who took over from Abel Chivukuvuku at the helm of the coalition, defended the implementation of the local elections nationwide.

Abel Chivukuku was ousted from CASA CE leadership in February this year over alleged break in trust.

In addition to six parties, CASA-CE comprised a group of independent politicians.

Source: Angola Press News Agency