Catumbela: Vice president encourages flood victims

Benguela – Angola’s Vice president Bornito de Sousa Wednesday expressed his solidarity with the flood-affected families in Catumbela, coastal Benguela province.

Twelve people have died as result of the rain that hit the region last week.

During his visit to Catumbela, Bornito de Sousa also heard their concerns, having assured that the Head of State is following up the situation and pledged to take measures to improve the conditions of the affected families.

The Vice president urged the residents to cooperate by avoiding to build in high risk areas such as natural rainwater lines.

Many citizens, in addition to the loss of human life, have seen their homes destroyed or flooded and are destitute, said the vice president, who appealed to the authorities for assistance in order to mitigate the impact of their losses.

In addition to 12 people killed in Catumbela, three in Benguela and one in Lobito, the rain left two citizens seriously injured and two went missing.

Most of the victims are people rang from one to 16 years old. There also adults between 29 and 53 years of age, respectively.

The balance points to 29 homes collapsed, 56 others flooded and 21 trees fallen in the various parts of the referred cities.

Source: Angola Press News Agency