Ceast bishops review family protection

Luanda The bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Angola and SAPound o Tome (Ceast) gathered since Monday at the sanctuary of Nossa Senhora da Muxima in Quissama Municipality have been analyzing issues related to the protection of the family fight against corruption and the repatriation of capital illicitly taken out of the country.

In this first annual assembly guided by the Metropolitan Archbishop of Luanda Dom Filomeno Viera Dias the unemployment rate registered in the country is also being analyzed.

Speaking at the opening session of the meeting scheduled to end on Saturday (7) the prelate expressed concern about the high rate of children born out of wedlock in Angola and the cases of paternity denial.

He expressed the Catholic Church’s solidarity with all Angolan women especially for those who support their homes with much sacrifice.

This action is intended to generate an awareness of global solidarity aiming for changes in peoples way of life and attitude.

The event will also address the holding of the first national week of solidarity in an initiative of CEAST with a view to strengthening the spirit of communion and sharing among Angolans.

The appearance of more dioceses will also be analyzed at the meeting due to the territorial extension of Angola as well as the demographic density in some regions a fact that implies the emergence of them to better fulfill the mission of the church.

At the last meeting of the CEAST bishops held in October 2019 in the city of Saurimo eastern Lunda Sul Province they advocated greater investment in agriculture with greater incidence on family as well as the creation of small processing industries facilitating storage and the flow of surplus from the countryside to improve the income of peasants and increase the supply of products in urban centres.

The bishops encouraged the Executive not to hesitate to involve military and militarized forces traditional authorities and environmental defence movements in the fight against fires deforestation poaching timber trafficking illegal mining of minerals and other behaviours harmful to nature and the environment and the

country’s economy.

Source: Angola Press News Agency