CEAST reaffirms commitment to community education

Talking to the press, at Deolinda Rodrigues airport, the Bishop that came to Angola for the second annual plenary of the organization stressed the permanent need of these types of meetings so that everyone can share knowledge about Christian faith and harmony between the people of the two countries.

The Christian leader highlighted that both peoples (Angola and SAPound o Tome and Principe) have been fighting hard to preserve peace and cultural identity, reason why there should be synergies for the reinforcement of society’s moralization.

During the conference, which shall be attended by the Emeritus Archbishop of Benguela Cardeal Dom Eugenio Dal Corso, there will be meeting sessions among the bishops, a Camp Mass service in the courtyard of the Saurimo Cathedral, concelebrated by all the present bishops and daily press conferences.

The program includes a visit to Catoca Mining Society.

The bishops were welcomed by the Lunda Sul provincial governor, Daniel Neto, with whom they exchanged points of views related to social, political and economic life of the region.

The Angola and SAPound o Tome and Principe Episcopal Conference (CEAST), was created on 15 April 1967 as the Assembly of the Ecclesiastical hierarchy of the old provinces of Angola and Sao Tome, with the approval of the Holy See.

Source: Angola Press News Agency