Chamume Salines plans to produce 50,000 tons / year

Benguela Salt pan of Chamume, located in the municipality of Baia Farta, in Benguela, intends to increase its salt production, going from the current 10,000 to 50,000 tons / year by 2025, ANGOP learned this Wednesday.

According to the owner of the salt plant, Manuel Rodrigues, who spoke to Angop, the new crystallizers and evaporators, in an area of ??450 hectares, are currently being completed, which will allow the gradual increase in production to start this year.

Manuel Rodrigues understands that the country urgently needs to produce 250,000 tons / year to become self sufficient, although currently, with a production of around 100,000 tons, Angola already exports some quantities to DR Congo.

Source: Angola Press News Agency