Children’s groups parade under the banner of family harmony

Luanda – Under the banner of peace, love, respect for the rights of children, family harmony, retrieval of moral, civic and cultural values, among other topics, 15 children’s groups paraded on Saturday on the Nova Marginal Boulevard, in Luanda City’s north-western coastline, for the children’s competition of this popular feasts.

The allegoric truck of the Banco de Fomento de Angola (BFA bank) kicked off the parade, presenting an ecological theme about the need to avoid air, river and sea pollution, in order to preserve the nature.

In 15 minutes of performance, the BFA allegoric block made up of two hundred children transmitted messages about the need for everyone to strive to preserve the environment, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of communities.

Despite the delay of almost an hour due to the drizzle that registered in Luanda shortly before 4 pm, the audience that was present at the place had the opportunity to see, dance and sing to the rhythm of Carnival, participating in the people’s party.

For the competitive phase, Cassules 54, from the urban district of Maianga, was the first to take the stage, setting the tone for a fight that involved Cassules Kazukuta do Hoji ya Henda, Cassules fogo negro, Cassules do Twafundumuka, Cassules Kazucuta do Sambizanga, Cassules petroliferos and Cassules Sagrada Esperanca.

The groups Cassules 10 de Dezembro, Viveiros do Njinga a Mbande, Cassules do GeracAPound o Sagrada, Cassules Juventudedo Kilamba Kiaxi, Cassules do Mundo da Ilha, Cassules cafe de Angola, Cassules jovens da Cacimba, and Cassules Amazonas do Prenda groups also gave the air of their grace.

The revelers dressed in colorful costumes, with emphasis on the colors red, yellow, black, blue, white and green, brought messages of peace, love, respect for children’s rights, family harmony, retrieval of moral and civic values in their songs and cultural, among other themes.

The joy and choreography of the groups enticed the public, who were along the runway of Nova Marginal, on the benches and bleachers installed at the event, who vibrated and applauded the passing of the revelers, who danced the semba, Kazucuta,among other typical dances.

On the main bench, several individuals were attending the children’s parade, with emphasis on the minister of Culture, Maria da Piedade de Jesus, secretary of State for Creative and Cultural Industries, JoAPound o da Cunha Lourenco, among other personalities.

Source: Angola Press News Agency