Citizens expect MPs’ better performance

Luanda The society is getting ready to evaluate and supervise the performance of the National Assembly’s deputies, with the start of the live broadcast of the parliamentary sessions as from the 23rd of this month.

Interrupted some years ago, the live broadcast of the National Assembly’s plenary sessions resumes after the announcement of the President of the Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco, made last Friday (17), during the ceremony of New Year’s greetings from the diplomatic corps accredited to Angola.

The airing of the parliamentary sessions will be made on channels 2 of the public television (TPA) and the public radio (RNA).

It is a late but current measure, according to university student Indira da Silva, 30, in a statement to ANGOP.

A political science student abroad, Indira Silva explains that since she elected her representatives in Parliament, she barely knows about their performance and what they stand for.

The street vendor Maria Lindalva said that the measure will increase the population’s interest in the performance of the deputies.

On his turn, mototaxi driver Felix Mauricio expects deputies to capitalize on this medium, discussing voters’ problems in depth and realism.

To Joaquim Cesar, head of a restaurant in the urban area of Luanda, parliamentarians should use “airtime” for the benefit of the people instead of speeches that reveal excessive political rivalry.

He said that from now on he will inspect parliamentarians and gauge the extent to which the representatives of the people defend their voters, because, to him, it is inconceivable that the prices of the products in the basic basket rise before the impassive and serene view of the deputies.

The television broadcast of the parliamentary sessions will be unique moments for Francisco Chicola, 40 years old, to evaluate the deputies’ attitude towards social problems, just over two years after their election.

Unlike the others, public official Kanani Rogerio wants deputies to present proposals to reverse the deterioration in citizens’ living conditions, based on the loss of purchasing power.

Antonio Fernandes, a shoeshine boy, said he lives only on hearsay , which is why he salutes the resumption of the transmission of parliamentary debates, alerting, however, the deputies as to the need to really fulfil their obligations.

The National Assembly is made up of 220 deputies, 150 of whom from MPLA, 51 from UNITA, 16 from CASA-CE, two from PRS and one from FNLA.

Source: Angola Press News Agency