Covid-19: Angola extends restrictions to arrivals from Portugal, Spain

Luanda – The Interministerial Commission of Response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic, coordinated by the Angola Ministry of Health, decided last Tuesday in Luanda to extend the mandatory quarantine of at least 14 days, for all nationals and foreigners residing in Angola and that return to the country from Portugal, Spain and France.

The decision, which comes after a meeting to evaluate the preventive measures and the National Contingency Plan for the Covid-19 control, begins to take effect in mandatory terms as from 18 March this year aiming to stop the entry of Coronavirus in the country taking into account the fast spreading of this pandemic in those countries, according to a press release from the Ministry of Health that ANGOP had access.

However, with this measure, increases for seven the number of countries with restricted entry in Angola after China, South Korea, Italy and Iran.

In addition to this decision, the Interministerial Commission determined as well to include the mandatory quarantine to all citizens that for any time during this pandemic have been in countries with community transmission of the new coronavirus or in contact with patients affected by Covid-19.

However, maintaining the ban on visits to citizens covered by this measure, while they remain in quarantine places, as well as the ban on public access to quarantine areas are also part of the measures.

Strengthening teams and actions for rapid response and epidemiological surveillance at the Central, Provincial and Municipal levels, as well as at points of entry into the country, are also included in the decision.

The commission recommended also to all public and private bodies to quarantine for at least 14 days for all employers that have returned from countries with active community transmission.

Avoiding public events with the crowding of more than 200 people, respecting the other guidelines of the health authorities is also included in the measures.

In the same line, the commission reinforces the need to intensify the work of civic education for the prevention and measures to contain the pandemic, especially for travellers and at-risk groups (the elderly, children, the chronically ill, among others).

The commission recommended also adoption of social restraint measures to avoid as much as possible groups with large crowding such as in sport, cultural, religious, family and leisure activities as well as avoiding closed spaces.

The guarantee of protection of the country’s borders, based on the International Health Regulations, for a reinforced control at the national level of the entry of travellers, by airports, ports, railway terminals and land borders are among the measures as well.

The Interministerial Commission appeals to the whole society, especially civil society, churches, traditional authorities, the private sector and other institutions, to launch initiatives for education, awareness and prevention among the communities.

Meanwhile, in case of suspicion of the disease, one should contact the Integrated Public Security Centre (CISP), through the number 111.

Source: Angola Press News Agency