COVID-19: Authorities strengthen control at Soyo borders

Soyo – Health authorities of the municipality of Soyo, in northern province of Zaire, reinforced the control and epidemiological surveillance actions at the border check points with the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to prevent the entry of the new coronavirus in Angola.

According to the official in charge of Public Health and Endemic Control in the district, Rosária José, given the migratory flow in these areas, health technicians were placed at the Kimbumba border post, at the local airport and port, as well as at the Kwanda oil base.

Speaking to the press Thursday, the technician made it clear that health professionals are equipped with thermometers and biosafety materials, to track national and foreign citizens entering or leaving the country.

“We are working with a batch of biosafety equipment that we received in 2018 to ensure the prevention of eventual cases of the Ebola outbreak, which hit the neighboring DRC”, explained Rosária José.

He said that these are kits of thermometers, gowns, boots and other essential equipment to assist eventual cases of emergency outbreaks.

In the meantime, he urged the population to continue to take the advice of health authorities, washing their hands frequently with detergents, covering their mouths when coughing, not sharing personal items, as well as other preventive measures.

The head of Public Health and Endemic Control in Soyo said that a site has been identified in the Kintona neighborhood, 12 kilometers from Soyo, where a quarantine center will be set up to accommodate eventual cases of this pandemic.

Source: Angola Press News Agency