COVID-19: Health sector sets 11 points to monitor suspected cases

Lubango (Angola) – The distribution of advanced epidemiological surveillance teams to 11 access points in southern Huíla province is one of the strategies outlined by the provincial health department for the prevention of coronavirus (Covid-19), with immediate effect.

This was confirmed to the press on Thursday by the director of the provincial health office of Huíla, Luciana Guimarães, who mentioned the international airport of Mukanka, access points to buses in connection with other provinces and railway stations.

She pointed out that in these places, the technicians are responsible for controlling everyone who enters Huila, whether by land, rail or air.

“We use laser thermometers to measure, at a distance of one meter and under the guidance of the World Health Organisation, the body temperature of the citizen, to detect fever, one of the main indicators of the disease” , she explained.

The official added that in addition to this measure, as there is no any evidence of significant slowdown, the sector is expanding and reinforcing the conditions of services in the 14 municipalities, mainly at border areas, like that in the Gambos region, the main port of entry border with Namibia.

She informed that other points were created in the municipalities of Quilengues, Lubango, Humpata, Matala, Chipindo and Cuvango.

The municipal health units have technicians trained to evaluate the cases and, should the situation becomes serious, the patient is referred to the final reference unit, Central Hospital of Lubango.

She said that conditions have been created in Lubango hospital – Intensive Care with oxygen and hemodialysis center – as the renal failure is one of the frequent complications in the patients with Covid-19.

National Directorate of Public Health is distributing diagnostic kits, but she would not reveal the quantities, adding that in an emergency situation, the samples are taken to Luanda.

In view of the prevention of the disease, the director announced the creation of a multi-sector team tasked with conducting awareness campaign.

The team comprises sectors of health, education, sport, social action, churches and civil society, in order to carry out awareness-raising actions.

Source: Angola Press News Agency