COVID-19: Media minister asks opinion-makers’ support

Luanda – Angolan Minister of Social Communication Nuno Caldas Albino Monday in Luanda considered the support of opinion-makers crucial for raising awareness among the population on the prevention of coronavirus (covid-19).

Speaking at a meeting with journalists and opinion-makers, the minister described the close, participatory and interactive communication as the factor that influence society.

According to the minister, the work can be done in particular on social media, suggesting  uniform transmission of communication and information that ensures the best prevention and awareness among the populations.

Nuno Caldas defended a standardised communication for all social walks, that reach the children, adolescents, illiterates, intellectuals and, in particular, the speakers of national languages.

Angola has already recorded seven positive cases of Covid-19, two of which resulted in death.

One of the patients infected with COVID-19 has fully recovered, according to the country’s health authorities.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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