COVID-19: Population seek isolation in farmland in Zaire

Mbanza Kongo – Some residents of the Mbanza Kongo city, northern Zaire province, have chosen to comply with social isolation in farms, as a way to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 that plagues the world.

Speaking to Angop on Monday, the majority of the people stated that the decision aims to deal with a possible community contamination of the pandemic that on Saturday caused the first two deaths in Angola.

Suzana Mankenda, a resident, said she prefers to spend the 15 days of the State of Emergency in the countryside (about five kilometers from the town) with her three children to avoid physical contact with other people.

Speaking at Mbanza Kongo’s municipal market, where she went to purchase some basic food such as salt, sugar and cooking oil, she said she won’t return to the city until the measure is lifted.

Asked about the housing conditions in the countryside, she said there are huts, which have been built for a long time and serve as shelter for those peasants who spend more days on the farm.
Pedro Samuel, another citizen, who also went to the farmland, said he felt at ease and more comfortable spending the 15-day State of Emergency out of the turmoil.

In the countryside, he said, there is no circulation of people and each peasant is confined to his/her farm, thus avoiding a possible contamination of this pandemic that has already infected seven people in Angola.

Of these seven confirmed positive cases, two citizens died on Saturday (March 28), the Health Minister, Silvia Lutucuta, has said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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