COVID-19: Three patients complete quarantine without symptoms

Dundo – Three patients with ages between 35 and 40 years who came from South Africa and Portugal, completed Sunday (29) their period of home quarantine without symptoms.

The information was released by the director of the Education Office in north-eastern Lunda-Norte province.


According to him, the three were quarantined in the municipalities of Chitato, Cuango and Cambulo, and were discharged without symptoms of the new Coronavírus (Covid-19).

Gimi Nhunga said the three in respect are now free to go back to their normal life as they showed no symptoms of the pandemic.

He assured that the three patients were closely followed by the country’s health authorities. They are employees of diamond exploration firms in the mentioned municipalities.

The official said that a national is observing compulsory institutional quarantine after he was found in violation of the home confinement he was supposed to be in.

Gimi Nhunga reiterated the call for those in home quarantine to comply strictly with the 14 days period and isolate themselves from their families to keep them safe.

Currently, there are two people in institutional quarantine in Lunda-Norte province and 37 in home confinement over suspicion.

Angola has so far reported seven positive cases of Covid-19 and two deaths.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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