COVID – 19: Traders suggest joint Angola / DRC measures

Mbanza Kongo – Traders in the Luvo cross-border market, municipality of Mbanza Kongo, Zaire province, defend Angola and DRC joint awareness and prevention campaigns against the new Coronavirus along the common border.

Some sellers from that respective area have asked the competent Angolan authorities to initiate contacts with the authorities of the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo for a synchronization of actions around the pandemic that is causing thousands of deaths worldwide.

Pedro Luntadila, Angolan trader of basic food products, understands that due to the daily flow of citizens from both sides crossing the Luvo border, it would be beneficial for the health authorities of the two countries to develop joint awareness programs.

“At our side, we watch health authorities almost every day sending messages about how we should prevent this disease, which is not the case on the other side of the DRC border, which makes us really concerned”, he stressed.

According to Isabel Marcelina, another dealer, due to the fact that the DRC confirmed the first positive case of the disease a few days ago, it would be the citizens of this country to be at the forefront of prevention against this pandemic, declared by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Source: Angola Press News Agency