CPLP member countries must narrow digital divide

Luanda – The chairman of the board of directors of the Angolan Communications Institute (INACOM), Leonel Augusto, defended on Friday, in Luanda, more interaction between technicians and universities of CPLP, in order to reduce the digital divide of users of the community.

The official, who was speaking at the closing ceremony of the 11th CPLP (Portuguese Language Countries) Communications Forum held from 12 to 13 of this month, appealed for the involvement of specialists from each regulatory body, from CPLP academies and universities to reduce the digital divide.

The union between these entities, he added, will ensure the provision of services with high quality, innovative and affordable prices to all users.

On the other hand, the issue related to 5G, the sharing of infrastructure, regulation and the permanent training of staff are the major challenges to be met in the near future, with a view to better service provision.

He said that education was the longest forum panel, as the issue of improving and reducing the digital divide was discussed, where each user is an active participant in the creation of new content, small and medium enterprises and content in regional languages, as well as promoting the culture of each member country of the Association of Communications and Telecommunications Regulators of CPLP (ARCTEL).

Angola assumed the rotating presidency of the ARCTEL, for a period of two years.

Organized by INACOM, in partnership with ARCTEL, the eleventh CPLP communications forum served, for two days, to share experiences between regulators, operators, universities and civil society.

Source: Angola Press News Agency