Cuanza Sul: Construction Minister assesses works on Highway 120

Sumbe – The Minister of Construction and Public Works, Manuel Tavares de Almeida, Saturday evaluted the progress of the rehabilitation works of National Road Number 120, section connecting Alto Dondo (Cuanza Norte) / Uaco Cungo (Cuanza Sul).

Speaking to the press after the visit, the Cabinet minister said that the section of the EN 120 is well advanced, as it has been concluded that the Alto Dondo / Munenga by-pass is 90 kilometers to Quibala and Quibala / Uaco Cungo, with 77 kilometers that is almost completed.

From Uaco Cungo the bridge over the Keve River is in the finishing phase of 20 kilometers, a work that is expected to finish in 2019.

He affirmed that at the moment the quality of the works will be tested in the Laboratory of the Engineer of Angola, and only after being certified will be opened to the road traffic.

The rehabilitation works of the National Road Number 120 are in charge of the Chinese companies “C.R.B.C and Sinomoch. They started in 2016 and are scheduled to be completed in March 2019. The budget for these works is around US USD 100 million.

Source: Angola Press News Agency