Culture invests in restoring historical remnants

Mbanza Kongo Ministry of Culture said Thursday that it spent 300, 000 Euros this year on conservation and restoration works of some remnants of the historic center of Mbanza Kongo, northern Zaire province.

Speaking to the press in Mbanza Kongo city, the national director of the Museums of the Ministry of Culture, Ziva Domingos, stated that the amount is part of funding made available by French Embassy in Angola and the oil firm TOTAL.

This amount is the result of a partnership agreement established in 2019 among the Ministry of Culture, the French Embassy in Angola and the oil company TOTAL , he underlined.

He said that the rehabilitation and preservation works includes the home of the king’s secretary, equipping the Kimpa Vita municipal library, facelift the exhibition of the Museum of the Kings of Kongo and creation of a history archive of the ancient Kingdom of Kongo to support research work on the region.

Ziva Domingos is joining a delegation of the technical team of Ministry of Culture which is paying a three-day visit to the Mbanza Kongo, northern Zaire province, since Wednesday.

The historic centre of Mbanza Kongo joined the Unesco Cultural Heritage list on July 8, 2017.

Source: Angola Press News Agency