Culture Ministry lauds Maria Eugenia Neto’s contribution to Angolan culture

Luanda – The Ministry of Culture lauded on Friday the contribution of the writer and former first lady of Angola,Maria Eugenia Neto, to the affirmation, valorization and promotion of the country’s culture.

On a congratulatory message sent by the Culture Ministry in the ambit of Maria Eugenia Neto’s birthday, celebrated on March 8, the writer is deemed an example of inspiration and a defender of the dignity and recognition of the important role played by Angolan women in society.

Fate so wanted that 85 years ago, in a day like today, you were born and throughout your journey of life you have represent the core of women’s ideal for dignity, equity and empowerment , reads the message.

Maria Eugenia Neto is still considered a woman of steel, endowed with a humanistic culture, exemplar mother, poetess and circumstantial politician, which make her a mandatory reference for the Angolan society and for the recent history of the country, playing a relevant role as wife of the first president and founder of this African nation.

Maria Eugenia Neto was born in March 8 of 1934 in Tras-os-Montes, Portugal.

She has several books published such as “E nas Florestas os Bichos Falaram” (which received an award from UNESCO,1977-in Leipzig).”Foi Esperanca e Certeza, 1979, A FormacAPound o de Uma Estrela e Outras Historias na Terra (1979), “O Vaticinio da Kianda na Piroga do Tempo” (1985) “A Menina Eu flores/Planeta da Estrela(1988)”.

“Este e o Canto” (1989), “As Nossas MAPound os Constroem a Liberdade”, “A Lenda das Asas e da Menina Mestica-Flor”, “As aventuras de Amor/Flor em A�frica”, “A Montanha do Sol” e “O Soar dos Quissanges”(2000) are also some other books published by the writer.

Source: Angola Press News Agency