Culture Ministry to hold 4th roundtable on Mbanza Kongo

Luanda – The Ministry of Culture will run in 2019 the 4th International Roundtable on Mbanza Kongo and FestiKongo as part of the divulging and valorization of this world heritage, said on Wednesday in Brazzaville, Republic of Congo, the Angolan secretary of State for Culture, Maria da Piedade de Jesus.

The Festikongo event – said the Angolan official when addressing the International Scientific Conference on Kongo Kingdom, in Brazzaville – was designed as a showcase to display the cultural wealth and diversity of the people of this region.

Maria da Piedade de Jesus underscored that the goal is to promote a culture of peace and social harmony, especially to improve the living conditions of the locals.

However, the official stated that the history of the former Kongo Kingdom as well as some aspects of its socio-political and economic organization are not yet known, although there are studies conducted on this issue, these aspects limit the acquisition of knowledge on the cultural wealth and diversity of this ancient kingdom.

Angola set up a photographic exhibition at the event, which displays a synthesis of the wealth and cultural diversity of Kongo Kingdom.

Source: Angola Press News Agency