Defence minister salutes Angolan Army

Luanda – The minister of the National Defence, Silviano Sequeira, congratulated the Army, due to the 28th anniversary of the creation of this branch of the Angolan Armed Forces (FAA), marked last Tuesday, Dec 17.

On the massage, Salviano Sequeira mentions that the celebration of the date happens at a time when the FAA go through far-reaching reforms, particularly in the areas of technical equipment and staff training.

The minister considered it fundamental that the army increasingly improve its level of technical, combative, educative-patriotic preparation and the ethics of the effectives.

The note highlights the need of the Army to anticipate the upcoming challenges and keep firm in defending the country’s independence, peace and national sovereignty.

He finishes wishing ”plenty of health” to the troops and the civilian workers of the Army, which was institutionalized in 1991 as a result of the Bicesse Agreements (Portugal), signed between the Government of Angola and UNITA(largest opposition political party), on 31 May of that same year.

Made up of ground forces, this branch of the FAA is the one with the largest number of troops.

Country marks Army day

Uige (Angolan province located in the northern region of the country):

The 2nd commander of the northern military region, Tomas Hilukilua, affirmed in Uige that the FAA must keep improving the defence mechanism, aiming for the Nation’s protection.


In this central province of the country, the commander of the 4th Infantry Division, Antonio Valeriano, reaffirmed the need for FAA personnel to participate permanently in combative preparation programmes in the face of new challenges.

He underscored the importance of troops participating in the fight against AIDS, illiteracy, paternity denial and other ills.

Malanje (country’s north-central province)

The commander of the 1st Corps of the Army of Malanje, Jose Manuel de Sousa, said on the date that the corporation was a true “laboratory” of training of personnel in different specialties and areas of scientific knowledge.

Source: Angola Press News Agency