Diamonds yield USD 1.3 billion in 2019

Luanda Diamond production in the country had revenues of US $ 1.3 billion in 2019, with the sale of 9.4 million carats.

Compared to 2018, there was a 12.3 percent growth in production and a 6.2% increase in revenue, according to the National Director of Markets and Marketing Promotion at the Ministry of Mineral and Petroleum Resources, Gaspar SermAPound o.

The official stressed that the average premium of the diamond was around $ 136 per carat, a reduction in the order of 10% compared to 2018. However, the increase in production was able to offset the fall in price, so the results were positive.

Among the companies, Sociedade Mineira de Catoca stands out as the largest operator in the sector, responsible for about 90% of Angola’s diamond production, the largest private employer in Lunda Sul Province and an economic and social partner of the local government.

Gaspar SermAPound o said that the objective of the Ministry of Mineral and Petroleum Resources is to monitor the commercial activity of the diamond, assess the price in the international market, monitor the fundamentals of the market and evaluate the performance of the companies that commercialize the diamonds.

In his turn, the Secretary of State for Geology and Mines, JAnio da Rosa Correia Victor, said that diamond production will continue, as the intention is to stabilize production.

To him, Endiama is doing a great job in the current mining companies, where the mining process is being optimized to increase production.

Source: Angola Press News Agency