Draft Law on Angolan Passport gets green light

Luanda – The National Assembly (Parliament) approved on Thursday the Draft Law on Angolan Passportl and the National Citizens’ Exit and Entry Regulation.

Presented by Interior minister, Eugenio Laborinho, the Bill regulates the use of the national passport, its features, categories and security conditions, in addition to define the exit and entry rule of national citizens.

The Angolan Passport is biometric, optical reading and radiofrequency, consisting of a ballot containing a 48-page polycarbonate sheet.

The serial number consists of one-letter and seven-digit alphanumeric characters.

The Passport contains in its graphic support the incorporation of components in accordance with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards, having three levels of security, namely elements with visual or touch verification, without the use of equipment.

The Republic of Angola operates with three model passports (ordinary, diplomatic and service) issued by the Migration and Foreigners Service Department (SME).

The Angolan Government has recently changed, under the Presidential Decree No. 21/19, of 14 January, the rates of migratory acts practiced by the SME.

With these changes, the price of issuance of the ordinary document rose to AKZ 35,000 (against the previous Akz 3000) and with service passaport worth 15,250 kwanzas.

Still, on Thursday’s session the MPs passed, in general terms, the Bill that amends the Labour Income Tax Code, approved with 114 votes in favour, nine against and 48 abstentions.

The Finance Minister Archer Mangueira clarified that the measure aimed at increasing the tax base, stipulating that all workers with a salary below 34,000 Kwanzas are exempt from the payment of Labour Income tax.

On the other hand, the workers aged over 60 years old, who are in active duty, are required to pay this tax.

The change scraps the current Law that exempts all citizens who turn 60 years of age from paying the Labour Income Tax.

Source: Angola Press News Agency