Economic forecast might undergo review – MPLA leader

Luanda – Angola’s ruling MPLA party president João Lourenço Friday admitted the possibility to adjust the economic outlook forecasts due to the world’s oil price drop triggered by Covid-19 pandemic.

This was during the 3rd Ordinary Session of MPLA Central Committee.

“Our predictions must be rethought, revised and adjusted to this unexpected and unfavorable circumstance. But not giving up the major commitments to citizens, the country and international financial institutions that will certainly help us to overcome this challenge”, said the President.

According to Joao Lourenço, the price of crude oil had never seen such a sharp drop in such a short period of time as it had these days.

He said that in just over two months the world economy was seriously hit, the main industries were deeply affected and the number of companies temporarily closed or working well below installed capacities.

“All the economies in the world, large and small, oil producers and non-oil producers are suffering and uncertainty grows in the near future,” noted the MPLA leader.

The Covid-19 claimed thousands of lives in many countries, mainly in Asia, Europe and America. Africa is, for the time being, the least affected continent.

In order to safeguard public health and reduce the chances of the pandemic spreading, as much as possible, each country must do its best, he stressed.

João Lourenço also stressed the country’s commitment to taking preventive measures, which include the epidemiological health control of travelers entering national borders.

He recalled the two quarantine centers opened recently, and an education campaign under way to awaken the people on need to adopt new social behaviors and attitudes to prevent the possibility of contracting the virus.

In speech, João Lourenço confirmed that the technical conditions have been created for the screening in the country, whose results may be known within 24 hours.

The MPLA president appealed to companies, government agencies, education facilities and other institutions to ensure conditions for hand hygiene.

“No case has been confirmed in Angola. But it is necessary to work hard on prevention, taking into account that the disease has no cure or vaccine for the moment ”, said João Lourenço.

The MPLA leader also urged the Media to play their informative role by taking the advice and instructions from the country’s health authorities.

Social media are also told to stick to responsible use of this important communication tool, refraining from creating, reproducing or disseminating news whose authorship is not from the competent authorities.

Also Head of State, Joao Lourenço spoke of the need to work effectively on local production for export products and in the diversification of the economy.

He said the country has to find out new sources of foreign exchange generation.

“The challenge is great, the moment is for work and struggle and not for regrets. May the public debate be held in this spirit of commitment”, concluded the official.

Source: Angola Press News Agency