Education sector urged to encourage scientific research

Saurimo – Education Ministry should continue working on the creation of specific policies to encourage teachers to bet on scientific research and publication of manuals or academic articles.

The position was defended by the university professor Manuel Osorio on Wednesday in Saurimo, eastern Lunda Sul province.

Speaking to Angop on the current teaching mathematics in Angola, the professor said that the Education Ministry should work with the professionals who, through their initiatives, provide moral and financial support for the emergence of the new academic manuals to facilitate research by students.

“We have to stop consuming the reality of the others, we have to favour our reality. And this requires the Angolan professors to produce and stop being mere reproducers,” he stressed.

On the teaching of mathematics in Angola, the professor described it as poor, underlining that most of the professionals who teach the subject are not trained in this specialty.

The math manuals are summarised in terms of exercise and do not offer all the skills to solve a given exercise, he said.

The Angolan teachers who are specialised in this field should do more research and publish books with an approach that facilitate understanding of the subject.

The university professor said that 200 copies of the manual are available for the first and second cycle students, teachers and researchers.

The 96-page math manual was released in April this year in the northern province of Malanje.

It provides a theoretical and practical approach for easy understanding in the resolution of exercises.

Born on June 26, 1980, in Malanje province, Manuel Osorio is math graduate teacher by Higher Institute of Education Science (ISCED-Luanda) and Masters Degree in School Management and Administration by ISCED-Portugal.

Source: Angola Press News Agency