Elections 2022: MPLA committed to bringing public services closer to population

Luanda – Ruling MPLA party’s candidate for President of the Republic João Lourenço on Friday stressed his party’s commitment to bringing public services closer to the population to improve the social conditions.

In his party’s 10- minute radio airtime, João Lourenço highlighted the investments made by the Executive in a short period of time.

He mentioned, among others, the construction of infrastructure in the areas of health, education and energy and water.

“The task of bringing public services closer to the population cannot be accomplished overnight, but is being implemented on a fast-track basis”, he underlined.

The MPLA leader said that more than 2,000 projects were implemented across the country under the Integrated Programme for Intervention in Municipalities (PIIM).

He recalled that in five years 88 new health units and 670 schools of various levels were built in the country.

Launched in June 2019, the PIIM is implemented in the country’s 164 municipalities and has funding equivalent in kwanzas to 2 billion dollars from the Angola Sovereign Fund.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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