Elections 2022: Over a million families benefit from safe drinking water

Luanda – At least 1.5 million families have benefited from drinking water in the last five years, as part of the Angolan government’s investments, the leader of the MPLA party, João Lourenço has said.

Speaking during radio’s airtime, as part of the general election campaign on the 24th of this month, João Lourenço said on Thursday that, in the same period, 472,000 families benefited from electricity throughout the country.

According to the MPLA candidate, the results obtained in the energy and water sector result from the investments made by the Executive, in his first term as President of the Republic.

He promised to increase investments in the education, health, energy and water sectors, in the event of his party’s victory in the elections on the 24 August.

He noted that “schools and hospitals, built in recent times, are benefiting all Angolan citizens, regardless of their partisan color”.

The MPLA, UNITA, PRS, FNLA, APN, PHA and P-NJANGO parties and the CASA-CE coalition are running for the general elections.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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