Elections2022: First summary of the twelfth day of campaign

Luanda – As the country enters the second week of the election campaign, which started on 24 July, the seven political parties and one coalition contesting the general elections of 24 August have stepped up their vote hunting appeals across the country.


The leader of the Humanist Party of Angola (PHA), Florbela Malaquias, is campaigning in Lunda Norte province, including a mass rally in Chitato municipality.

In central Bié province, PHA, which is running for the first time in general elections, is aiming to win seats in the provincial constituency, according to its leader in the region, Ismael Samata.


In Lubango, southern Huíla province, Eduardo Jonatão Chingunji, leader of P-NJANGO, called for the intensification of actions to fight drought in southern Angola, through the replication of good examples from other countries.


In Central Bié province, UNITA candidate, Adalberto Costa Júnior, said that his party, if it wins the elections, will “resume the proposed law on capital repatriation, rejected in 2017 in the National Assembly.

The politician, who was speaking during a mass rally on Wednesday, reiterated his party’s proposal on the revision of the Constitution of the Republic and implementation of municipal elections in Angola.


The leader of the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA), Nimi Simbi, addressed the electorate of Cuimba municipality, in northern Zaire province, to whom he explained the party’s position in the ballot paper, presented the electoral manifesto and the party’s governance programme for the next five years.

The governance programme of this historic party is based on agriculture, health, education and public security.


The Broad Convergence for the Salvation of Angola – Electoral Coalition (CASA-CE) pledges to work for the sustainable development of the country and the consolidation of the democratic rule of law.

It commits to creating a national rural development agency to promote food self-sufficiency and value national products.


The head of the National Patriotic Alliance (APN), Quintino Moreira, is continuing his campaign in northern Bengo province, where, apart from maintaining direct contact with the population, he presented the party’s manifesto and governance programme to the citizens during a mass rally.

His candidate for vice-president of the Republic, Noé Mateus, promised to support religious denominations for a better vocational service.


Speaking at a mass rally in eastern Moxico province, the PRS leader said that “decentralised power” allows provincial governments to carry out their priorities, which include building schools, roads, hospitals and other economic infrastructures.


The head of the MPLA list in the general elections on 24 August, João Lourenço, said in eastern Lunda Norte province, that his party was the most interested in the institutionalisation of municipal elections because the party’s focus was on the harmonious development of the country.

Speaking on Wednesday at a mass political event in Dundo, Lourenço said that during his term in office, it was MPLA that had the initiative of implementing the municipal elections, as this was fundamental for the fight against regional asymmetries.


The spokesman for the National Electoral Commission (CNE), Lucas Quilundo, said that the party delegates who will be at polling stations have the right to follow the counting of the votes and receive a copy of the minutes at the end of the counting of the votes.

Speaking to Public Television, he explained that the party delegates must attend all the preliminary operations of the ballot, that is, supervise the acts related to the counting of the votes.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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