Endiama boss snubs artisanal exploitation of diamonds

Dundo The artisanal exploitation of diamonds in Angola has created the illicit trafficking of dimension stones, illegal migration, tax evasion and scams, affirmed last Saturday, in Dundo locality, the public National Diamonds Company (Endiama) CEO, Ganga JA�nior.

Ganga JA�nior delivered this information during a consultation meeting with young people of the north-eastern Lunda Norte Province, in which he explained that artisanal exploitation of minerals has provoked a lot of disorder and did not allow the sector to contribute to the enlargement of the source of revenue collection for the State.

The official stated on the other hand that the law outlines that in the issue related to artisanal exploration, Endiama, in a joint action with the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Oil, should continue to implement a process of deep changes concerning the mining activity policies.

We are aware that treating everything industrially, to our mining geological reality, does not allow us to use only industrial projects, that is why we are basically going to structure the sector in small-scale mines, with as much industrialization as possible , he underlined.

Endiama’s CEO added that this semi-industrial exploration measure aims to promote secure jobs with employees registering the manpower to allow the workers to benefit from Social Security and pay the necessary taxes.

Meanwhile, the official explained that Endiama does not license companies for this resource, but it is done by the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Oil for the alluvium and semi-industrial exploration, while for kimberlites the licensing is done by the Head of State.

Source: Angola Press News Agency