Entrepreneurs invited to bet on agro-tourism

Huambo – The national and foreign businessmen were invited Friday in Huambo city by the Minister of Commerce, Jofre Van-DA�nem, to focus on agro-tourism.

The Cabinet minister, who was speaking at the opening of Huambo’s first investment forum, considered it necessary to create a strategy that promotes agro-tourism, enabling the sector to help the national economy grow.

He said that entrepreneurship must take on the fundamental responsibility of transforming agricultural, tourist and industrial potential into factors of wealth generation, job creation and improvement of the quality of the common welfare.

He said that the government is working to solve all the needs related to road infrastructure, electricity, potable water and other essential to leverage the agro-tourism and industrial sector.

About the province of Huambo, the Minister of Commerce stressed that this is a region with great potential that must be transformed into reality, justifying that of the 144 tourist attractions, including the highest point in Angola, Morro do MAco , with 2,620 meters, more than half are waiting for investment.

Source: Angola Press News Agency