ERCA: Alleged censorship of journalistic content denied

Luanda – The Social Media Regulatory Entity (ERCA) has denied alleged censorship in the contents of journalists and social media, but safeguarding freedom of expression and thought in the media, regardless of their ownership and the way the messages are conveyed.

This was during a recent interview the ERCA’s chairperson of board of directors, Adelino Almeida, granted to the state-run news paper (Jornal de Angola).

He defended creation of a Media Department tasked with analysing the contents of all social media (radio, television, press and social networks) in a systematic way, across the country.

Adelino Almeida spoke of a supervisory department, with focus on technical issues, to be connected manly to the future Commission of Ethical-Professional-Identity.

As for the incompatibilities, he recalled that this solution depends on efficient functioning of the Commission of Ethical-Professional-Identity coupled with the approval of the code of ethics and deontology of journalists, in order to discipline the exercise of the profession.

ERCA is an independent body aimed to ensure freedom of expression and of thought through the media.

Source: Angola Press News Agency