Ex-CEO of Angolan Sovereign Fund awaits trial at home

Luanda – The former CEO of the Angolan Sovereign Fund (FSDA), Jose Filomeno dos Santos, released from jail last Sunday after spending six months in police custody, will await trial out of jail, but must not leave the country and has to regularly report to the authorities.

The information was disclosed on Monday by the Attorney General assistant, Pedro de Carvalho.

Jose Filomeno dos Santos was released from prison a day before the end of the remand deadline.

The justice official, who was speaking to the National Radio of Angola (RNA), said the criminal process involving Jose Filomeno dos Santos will continue, taking into account that there are strong indications that he committed embezzlement while acting as the C.E.O of the Angolan Sovereign Fund (FSDA).

In the meantime, added the justice official, the case is to be submitted to trial, but the accused is not allowed to leave the country.

He recalled that Jose Filomeno dos Santos has also been implicated in another process, the illegal transfer of USD 500 million to London, which reinforces the prohibition from leaving the country.

On his turn, Jean Claude Bastos de Morais, the business partner of Jose Filomeno dos Santos, who was also accused of getting involved in a criminal association, influence peddling, fraud and money laundering, has had all the charges against him dropped by the General Attorney Office (PGR).

Questioned on the reasons that led the PGR to drop the criminal charges against Jean Claude Bastos, the justice official explained that despite the fact that the two of them have been implicated in the same process, each one of them responds to this process individually, according to his own degree of involvement in the events.

The national director of the General Attorney Department for Assets Recovery, Eduarda Rodrigues, underlined that the release of Jean Claude de Morais was due to the weakening of the initially existing evidences, following investigations conducted by this institution.

According to Eduarda Rodrigues, Jean Claude de Morais had legal right to manage the assets of the Angolan Sovereign Fund as a result of the contract between Jean Claude’s Quantum Global firm and the FSDA signed under the British law, despite the fact that it is extremely harmful for the Angolan State.

Source: Angola Press News Agency