Executive reaffirms assistance to Angolans in China

Luanda Angolan Government is working in close cooperation with Chinese authorities on assistance and providing logistical support to Angolans living in Asian nation, particularly in the Wuhan city, the main focus of the coronavirus outbreak.

Focal points have been set up to ensure permanent link among members of the Angolan community, the consular representation of Angola and the Chinese authorities, said a final communique issued at the Wednesday Session of Cabinet Council.

To deal with coronavirus outbreak, the note states, a multi-sector commission was created, made up of defence and security bodies and the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The commission includes the Ministries of Mass Media and Transport, as well as the Provincial Government of Luanda.

In order to reinforce epidemiological surveillance measures, the Council recommended screening at the main international points of entry in the country, through temperature control, especially in case of coughing and sneezing.

The government directed the installation of devices for hand washing, prior provision of personal protective equipment, intensified surveillance against influenza, the strengthening of early warning systems, community surveillance and the logistics chain.

Although the Council learnt of the absence of suspected cases of infection with the coronavirus, the Minister of Health, Silvia Lutukuta, announced to the press that a Chinese citizen has been admitted in one of the hospitals in the country’s capital, Luanda.

At the end of the session, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Manuel Augusto, informed that there are about 300 students in China, 50 of whom are in Wuhan, the focus of the disease.

He guaranteed that logical support was secured in view of the restrictions imposed on movement.

The minister ruled out plan by Angolan government to evacuate its citizens, until the end of the quarantine period that should extend until the first or fifth of February.

In turn, the Secretary of State for the Hospital Area, Leonardo InocA�ncio, informed that in addition to the strengthening of surveillance systems at the air, sea and land borders, they were reinforced with health units, particularly in Luvu, northern Zaire province, and Luau, eastern Moxico province.

Source: Angola Press News Agency