ExpoHotel first edition set for next September

Luanda – The chairman of Association of Resorts and Hotels of Angola (AHRA) Armindo Cesar said Thursday in Luanda that the country will hold, as from 26 to 29 September, the 1st edition of ExpoHotel Angola, taking place in parallel with the 1st International Congress on Hotel and Tourism.

Speaking to the journalists at the event, the businessman stressed that the event will take place at the venue of the Public Television of Angola (TPA), Camama district, in a space of 25.000 square meters, to host the largest number of exhibitors from all over the world.

For the organization of the exhibition, AHRA expects to disburse 360 million kwanzas and each exhibiting company will be entitled to an exhibition area ranging from nine to 36 square meters.

Each participant will have to pay the organization 280.000 kwanzas for the stand.

Armindo Cesar said he believes that the exhibition of what is produced in the country, to support the hotel and tourism industry, will allow a change of mindset in many Angolans, giving priority to the consumption of national products related to agriculture, industry, handicrafts, furniture and others.

The organizing committee of the event is pleased by the positive response from the operators of the various branches, as they promise to attend the event.

In May of this year, Angola hosted the World Tourism Forum and the Presidential Golf Day tournament, events aimed at spreading the country’s tourism potential and attracting investment.

Source: Angola Press News Agency