FAA chief of General Staff considers stable situation on Angola / Namibia border

Lubango – The situation on the border between Angola and Namibia, in the area of defense, is calm and stable, according to the chief of the General Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces (CEMG / FAA), Egidio de Sousa Santos “Disciplina”.

The top General stressed that in the city of Lubango, southern Huila province, which hosted last Monday the meeting of the Defense subcommittee that serves as the preparation for the Ministerial Forum for Defense, Public Security and State Security.

The army general said that in order to maintain stability, it is necessary to work towards the identification of ways to materialize the objectives defined by the leaders of Africa at the time of the African Union (AU) constitution pact.

In this sense, he recommended the maintenance of solidarity in the different continental and regional organizations, in which they are inserted, with the aim of promoting peace, stability and unity among nations.

He highlighted some Angolan localities, such as Cassinga, Cahama and Cuito Cuanavale, which constitute a common memory for Angola and Namibia.

On the other hand, his counterpart from Namibia, Lieutenant General Joao Mathuwa, was satisfied with the military projects that exist between the two countries, within the framework of cooperation relations.

In this field, cooperation covers the training of military officers.

In addition to the experts of the Defense subcommittee, they convened the Public Security and State Security subcommittees for the consultation and preparation of documents on issues of bilateral interest in the areas of defense and security.

Angola and Namibia share a 1,376-square-kilometer border.

Source: Angola Press News Agency