Fifty citizens released from Corona virus quarantine

Luanda Fifty citizens who arrived in Angola coming from China, and were quarantined in the Barra do Kwanza Centre, in Luanda, were released on Wednesday.

Of this authorized number, 13 are Angolans, 36 are Chinese and 1 is Brazilian, with 14 travellers remaining under surveillance.

The Calumbo Quarantine Centre has 92 travellers, 37 Angolans, 50 Chinese, 12 Americans, one from Cote d’Ivoire and two from Canada. The information was provided by the Health inspector, Miguel de Oliveira, during a press conference on the balance sheet on COVID-19.

According to the inspector, the centres have acceptable accommodation conditions, having denied information circulated on social networks about poor conditions in Calumbo.

All quarantined people are being treated with due humanism. It is normal for citizens to express their complaints and demand beyond what they have, but we are identifying the flaws in these places, for proper correction, he guaranteed.

He said that the epidemiological situation in the country remains stable.

According to the official, the reference hospital units are being equipped to ensure hospitalization and assistance in any case.

He appealed to the periphery centres to refer all suspected cases to the reference units, for adequate handling of the matter.

In the contingency response plan, several actions are being developed, including the training of technicians in preparation of health regulatory instructions, as well as the union of several ministerial departments in the development of bio-safety projects.

He informed that, until the 18th of this month (Feb), 40,794 travellers from different parts of the world were scanned at the 4 de Fevereiro International Airport.

The coronavirus has already killed 1,870 people, with 72,522 confirmed cases in China.

In China, there are a total of 72,522 confirmed cases and 1,870 deaths.

Outside the Asian country, there are a total of 804 confirmed cases.

Source: Angola Press News Agency