FILDA / 2018: Russia and Ghana debut, Brazil absent

Luanda – Russia and Ghana are the newcomers, while Brazil is absent from the 34th edition of the International Trade Fair of Luanda (FILDA / 2018), which runs as from Tuesday to Saturday 10 to 14 July at the Special Economic Zone (EEZ), based in the municipality of Viana.

The trading event is promoted by the Ministry of Economy in partnership with the company Eventos Arena; the trade fair will have the largest foreign participation of Portugal, with 19 exhibitors, against the 16th edition of 2017.

According to the national director for economy, competitiveness and innovation of the Ministry of Economy and Planning, Marcelino Pinto, the beginners participate in the event with one company each. Russia participates with a company in the mining sector, while Ghana opens with an industrial branch.

Without justifying the absence of Brazil, Marcelino Pinto confirmed the participation of 372 exhibitors registered so far for FILDA / 2018.

He assured that the work of assembly of stands goes without startling, being around 97 percent, lacking only decorative works, that will be ready 12 hours before the beginning of the event.

Regarding the participants of the exhibition, under the motto “Diversify the Economy, Develop the Private Sector”, highlighted that 69 percent are national companies.

In addition to Angola, the host country, will participate in the exhibition in an area of almost three hectares, South Africa, Spain, Ghana, Holland, India, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Uruguay, Japan and Mozambique.

Source: Angola Press News Agency