Luanda – Politician Filomena Vieira Lopes was elected, on Saturday in Luanda, president of the Bloco Democrático (BD- Democratic Bloc) party with 65 percent of the valid votes.

According to the Independent Electoral Commission, the winner got 126 votes, against 23 for Domingos Nascimento.

Justino Pinto de Andrade was elected vice president, while Muata Sebastião is secretary general.

For two days, the more than 200 delegates, in addition to electing the new board, also approved the reports of the national councils of Jurisdiction and Oversight and the party’s activities in the 2017-2021 period.

After the election, Filomeno Vieira Lopes said that the controversy about remaining in the CASA-CE coalition will be resolved by the party members in future meetings. However, he also admitted that joining the “broad alternative front” proposed by the largest opposition party, UNITA, is also a hypothesis under consideration.

The BD was registered with the Constitutional Court in 20 October 2010, and the party has its programmatic lines based on social justice, having as its main objective the development of Angola.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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