Five billion dollars for Angola/Zambia oil pipeline

Luanda At least 5 billion American dollars is available for the construction of an oil pipeline to connect Angola and Zambia, aiming to make operational the Lobito corridor.

This information was advanced last Thursday, in Luanda, by the Zambian ambassador to Angola, Lawrence Chalungumana, who was talking at the celebration ceremony of the 55th anniversary of independence of his country, which was marked on 24 October, highlighting that the works shall start from the refinery of Lobito (Angola’s western end) to Zambia.

According to the diplomat, this project created by the Angolan and Zambian governments will have five years duration and will be handled by the Zambian company Baseli Balisel resources (BBLR) with the Angolan company Sonangol.

The conclusion of these works will facilitate the construction of roads and railways to connect neighbouring countries, he said.

Laurence Chalungumana also reiterated that besides the project, Unitel is launching in the Republic of Zambia mobile telecommunications project of over 350 million dollars (157.8 billion kwanza).

According to the ambassador, the bilateral relations between Angola and Zambia continue to grow, referring that the Permanent Joint Committee on Defence and Security of both countries met in 2018 and its 32nd session is scheduled for November this year.

He said many high level meetings involving both government and private sector entrepreneurs have been held with focus on agriculture, oil, finance and economy, trade and Provincial Administration.

On the other hand, he highlighted that his country keeps on playing a decisive role in International Organizations, mentioning that last August it became the host of the Southern Africa Sub Regional Centre for Sustainable Development Goals, in addition to the international organizations already working in Zambia.

The ambassador pointed out that this year, Zambia celebrates the national day under the motto Our Freedom, Our Country, Our Responsibility, as peace and prosperity oasis, entrenching democracy in political governance.

Meanwhile, he also noted that Zambia recorded a 3.7 percent growth rate in 2018 with indications that the country’s economy will grow by four percent this year, taking into account that the main exports are cathode refined copper, tobacco, sugar, corn, corn seed and electricity.

The relations between Angola and Zambia have been around for over 40 years, with 17,000 Angolans living in this neighbouring country.

Angola and Zambia share a border of about 1,300 kilometres.

Source: Angola Press News Agency