Football: Former international referee leaves federation

Luanda – Former international referee Belmiro Carmelino will relinquish the status of commissioner of the Central Council of Referees of the Angolan Football Federation (FAF), this season 2019/20.

The decision is in solidarity with his colleague Benjamim Andrade, suspended for 60 days, plus the fact that the president of that body, Jorge Mário Fernandes, apologized to Petro de Luanda, for the referee’s alleged error in the goal scored by Sagrada Esperança that equalized the game for the second leg of the Angola League Cup Round of 16, after a 1-1 draw in Dundo (Sagrada Esperança’s home).

The chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of the Association of Football Referees of Angola said that he had already communicated his decision to the institution that answers for refereeing in the country.

Speaking on the telephone to Jornal de Angola (Angolan state-owned daily newspaper), on last Saturday’s edition, he said he did not accept that Petro had to be apologized for an alleged bad judgment by referee Benjamin Andrade  in the game with Sagrada Esperança (2-2), in Luanda’s 11 de Novembro Stadium.

He added that in his opinion this is a dubious move and deserves a thorough interpretation, reiterating his decision not to continue to be part of the staff of the 2019/2020 season.

Belmiro Carmelino was the referee of the game Petro de Luanda vesrsu Sagrada Esperança, played on February 12th, which dictated the elimination of Petro de Luanda from the Angola League Cup competition.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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