Former Central Bank governor accuses ex-Finance minister of false statements

Luanda – The former governor of the National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA), Valter Filipe, said on Thursday in court that the former Finance minister, Archer Mangueira, made false statements during the preparatory phase of the criminal lawsuit.

Valter Filipe had previously accused the current BNA governor of saying untruths to justice organs.

The ex-BNA governor said the ex-Finance minister made false statements by presenting a memorandum signed by the then Chief of the President’s Civil Office, Manuel da Cruz Neto.

The Public Prosecution’s accusation file reports that the memorandum was drafted by the then Finance minister and recommended caution to the former President, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, in the process of the 500 million US dollars transfer to an International Banking Union.

According to the prosecution, Archer Mangueira, a witness in the process, had noted lack of reputation of the companies and the banking union.

However, Valter Filipe explained that such a memorandum was without effect since it had been voided by the then President of the Republic for presenting a unilateral position of the Finance minister, whereas the Head of State had recommended it to be jointly prepared by the BNA and Finance Ministry.

He stated that another memorandum had been drafted and signed by him and the Finance minister and further presented to the President of the Republic and, unlike the first one, this one advised the continuation of negotiations between the Angolan government and the International Banking Union.

“Therefore, that unilateral memorandum had no effect, as it was disapproved and we both signed another one”, Valter Filipe said.

Valter Filipe also regretted the fact that this was the basis used by the Public Prosecution to indict him in this case over accusations of fraud, embezzlement and money laundering.

Source: Angola Press News Agency