Former combatants minister denounces fraud in sector

Lubango – Angola’s Ministry of Former Combatants and Veterans of the Motherland has financed in recent years agricultural cooperative projects of alleged members, who don’t actually exist.

JoAPound o Ernesto dos Santos Liberdade reported such a situation on Wednesday in Lubango city, southern Huila province.

The minister has been in the region on a two-day visit on re-registration process of 311 agricultural cooperatives created in the last decade.

The official defended the need to assess the issue and see what has happened.

However, a process of re-registration of agricultural cooperatives is underway in all provinces of the country, he said.

The statistics points to 311 cooperatives. It is reported that there are 15 cooperatives in Huila. Contrary to that figure I learnt that there are only three cooperatives, decried the minister, who described such an action as a crime.

This is the first visit to the southern Huila province this year since JoAPound o Ernesto dos Santos Liberdade came to the post of minister of Former combatants.

Source: Angola Press News Agency