Former senior basketball team coach sues federation

Luanda – The former coach of the Angola senior men’s basketball squad, William Voigt, has sued the Angolan Basketball Federation (FAB) in the sports arbitration court, said Sunday, the head of the Federation’s Management Commission, Gustavo da Conceição.

Speaking to National Radio of Angola (Radio – 5), the FAB official said the notification is being addressed to the former chairperson of the basketball federation, Hélder da Cruz .
He explained that the file of the arbitration court of sport has deadlines for the completion of some stages, of which the response to the court in view of the statements of the coach William Voigt and other issues to be dealt with by video-conference, due to the situation of COVID – 19, which ravages the world.

“There is a dossier that we are dealing with reservation that is needed, so I cannot say more in details either, but in the coming days the basketball of our country will have to take over and respond,” he said.

In recent statements to the press, Gustavo da Conceição had said the Management Commission found a debt of over USD 1.5 million and other of almost AKz 300 million.

He explained that the amounts are related to the payment of salaries to employees, athletes and coaches who were in the service of the national teams, the former president of the federation, Hélder da Cruz and the national coach, William Voigt.

Gustavo da Conceição, who led the FAB for two terms (from 2004 to 2012) currently leads the FAB Management Commission, which has provisionally replaced the resigning chairperson of the institution.

Source: Angola Press News Agency

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