Forty-three groups contest in Luanda Carnival

Luanda – At least forty-three groups, including 18 of class A, 10 of B and 15 of children’s class, will climb from this Saturday, March 2, to the stage of the New Marginal, for the Luanda Carnival parades.

In class A, whose parade is scheduled for day 5, the highlight is for the groups

Recreativo Kilamba, holders of the title (1), Mundo da Ilha (13), Kiela (5), 10 December and Sagrada Esperanca, with three titles each, Njinga Mbande, with two, and Kabocomeu, Youth of Cacimba and 54, both with a title conquered.

For the day of the central act, the Marginal lane will witness the display of 18 groups.

In class B (adults), which will have 10 groups, whose parade is scheduled for day 3, on Sunday, is highlighted the groups Angola Independent, with 3 titles, Kazukuta do Sambizanga and Amazonas do Prenda, both with one (01) each.

On Sunday, 10 groups will take to the stage to fight for the top five places of climb to step A of the Luanda Carnival.

In the children’s class, whose parade takes place Saturday, 2, will fight for the title 15 groups

Source: Angola Press News Agency