Forum recommends strengthening cooperation to enhance dimension stones

Lubango The strengthening of institutional cooperation mechanisms, especially between academy, the Geological Institute of Angola, business associations and similar international institutions, with a view to establishing partnerships and improving the exploitation of the potential of dimension stones, was one of the recommendations made by the International Conference and Exhibition about this material, which took place in the southern Huila Province.

The event that took place in Lubango City, finished last Friday Oct 25, with the presence of 230 national and international participants. It advised the need for creating technical and professional training focused on the extraction of dimension stones and their certification in the field of mining geological information.

The activity required an articulation between the various sectors related to the industry, in order to speed up the processes and procedures related to mining investment, whether domestic or foreign, as well as the connection between mining operators, public works promoters, and construction companies and the orders of Engineers and Architects, in their participation in projects of the state.

The optimization of the activity of dimension stones extraction through technological investment articulated with the application of good management and administration practices, in order to add value in the production chain and increasingly internationalize the miner of national origin and the reinforcement of the dissemination of Local offer from the subsector to potential promoters and users are other recommendations of the event.

The conference also suggested exploring the continental and international regional integration platforms for social and economic policy in order to promote and generate business opportunities, focusing on exports and the consequent development of the local economy.

The forum also defended the need for a strong business associations as well as the deepening of relations with the country’s financial institutions in order to make better use of the financial products available to support the sector.

The two-day conference aimed to promote the country’s potential in the field of dimension stones to attract investment, to disseminate the Executive’s policies, strategies, measures and services, as well as to assess their impact on domestic and foreign companies and institutions.

Source: Angola Press News Agency